Do you want to preserve the flavour and aroma of your flowers by dry trimming, but still want to get the most out of your material?

 Then our "Screens of Dank" are perfect for you!

Just remember, it's ALL in the trim!


With 20+ years carpentry experience, and around the same amount of experience around nature's greatest gift, we feel it was necessary to create a product that would bring only the highest qualities of our two favorite things together.

We are extremely excited to be able to bring something to a thriving community that will maximize anyone's medicinal collection!

Skunk Siftes


Not only will you be maximising your yields and productivity, but you'll also be sieving using fine, high quality English Oak frames with traditional hand crafted joints. Yield contaminant-free medicine within MINUTES!

Take full advantage with our deep-framed screens! This gives you more height around the sides, allowing for more material and less spillage!

Only high quality mono-filament polyester mesh screens are used, giving you optimal quality and contaminant-free medicine.

All of our screens are branded with the respective micron size for ease of use.

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