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Apples and Pears


What problem(s) did you face before using our product? And what did you previously do with your material?

"I used to give it away most of the time tbh."

Why did you choose our product/service/company?

"I was looking around for ways to process my trim and I wanted to go with Dry Sifting, only problem was there wasn't any good screens I could find until I found Skunk Sifters."

What made our product/service/company a good fit for you?

"You had exactly what I needed."

Specifically, what was the best thing about our product/service?

"The workmanship!"

How often do you use our product?

"Every month I'll use them for an afternoon."

How was our product or service better than others you've tried?

"Haven't tried any others cuz what I seen looked crap lol."

What results did you achieve by using our product? And were you happy with them?

"Great results, I was surprised!"

Would you recommend us to others? And why?


- Great workmanship

- Built to last

- Excellent customer service/support

- Hand made in our own country"

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