Frequently asked questions

Where can I purchase a set of Skunk Sifters Dry Sift Screens?

Currently, the only place you can buy any set of our Dry Sift Screens is by contacting us either via our website's Live Chat, email or by direct messaging any of our social media accounts. This is until we finish setting up the online store on our website. We only require an email address and details of your order so we can send you a safe & secure PayPal invoice. This can be completed whenever you are able to do so, but will expire after 48 hours (from time sent). BACS (Banks Transfer) is also accepted. For the fastest response, contact our Instagram page through a direct message with your enquiry. Scroll down to find our Social Media links for a speedy jump!

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and other legal terms?

All the way at the very bottom of every single page we have on our website!

What order should my Dry Sift Screens be used?

Starting from the bottom, our Dry Sift Screens should be used in the following order ONLY: 75u, 149u, 165u, 250u.

Can I use my Dry Sift Screens in Reverse order?

Short Answer: No Long Answer: No, so don't even try..

Can I use wet/live/frozen starting material in my Dry Sift Screens?

No. Hense why they are called "Dry Sift" Screens... In all seriousness though, they can be used as trim trays for wet or dry trimming, but when wet/live/fresh frozen material is used it is not for the originally intended purpose of the screens. When wet, the medicinal extract you are hoping for will not fall through the mesh as you would expect with dry material. To get the most out of your material when using our screens, ensure the starting material has been sufficiently dried to the same moisture level you would dry to before curing. If you do use our screens as a trim tray with wet material, then be sure to clean well straight after use. Oil may be coating the mesh, which will need to be removed before their next use.

How do I use my new Dry Sift Screens?

Below, we have listed basic instructions on how to use our Screens of Dank. Head over to our Blog for detailed instructions! 1. First, find a suitable, clean surface in which to work on (preferbly glass or something similar, such as a granite worktop) and stack your Skunk Sifters Dry Sift Screens on top. Ensure they are stacked in the correct order. 2. Place your starting dry material into the 250u "work screen" ensuring there are no thick/sharp stems or branches within, as these can damage the screen. Smaller/thin stems and petioles can be left. 3. Move it all around! Being an artisan has never been so easy! Simply move your material around and around and all over the screen until the large material in the screen has started to break down. DO NOT PUSH/PRESS THE MATERIAL DOWN ON THE SCREEN! Doing this will not collect medicine quicker but actually give you a poor grade and highly contaminated end product. Moving the material in the correct fashion for too long, until all is dust will also leave a poor grade/highly contaminated end product. Gently move it around until the starting material starts to break down considerably, checking the screen below for too many contaminants every so often as you go. Some contaminants are expected to be found on the 165u screen, with it being directly below the workscreen, but this can later be cleaned by utilizing our 75u screen for "static-tech". It can also be used as it is for edibles. And that's all it takes! The material itself will take care of knocking the midicine off. Ensure you use the whole area of the screen and not just the centre; using the maximum coverage of the screen will allow the medicine to fall though the top screen and onto the screen below without a build up in the centre. If a large build up occurs, it will prevent any more material from passing through, giving you an inconsistent grade of end product. 4. Collect your precious medicine! Take off the 250u work screen and start collecting your dry sift/kief. Using a plastic or metal card (bank cards are most commonly used), scrape as much medicine as you possibly can into the centre of the screen. Once this is achieved, sweep the remaining amounts from around the edges and within the screen into the centre pile using the provided anti-static brush. Using this will ensure you take the maximum yield with minimal dry sift left behind! Once it has all been collected into a nice pile, carefully scoop it up with the card you previously used and place into a suitable container for storage/curing. Repeat on each screen below. Do not remove any screens until all of your dry sift has been collected/removed. Don't forget the trichome heads will filter all the way through to the surface your Dry Sift Screens are placed on, so that will also need to be collected. Be careful not to touch this last layer of medicine when removing the bottom screen.

How do I clean my Dry Sift Screens?

For best cleaning results, follow these instructions carefully. Do not use warm/hot water. To clean the mesh screen; Use a high % of clean alcohol such as food grade isopropyl or an other food grade alcohol. Be sure to use a lint free cloth as this won't leave any microfibres in the mesh screen. To clean the frame; simply use the soft side of a sponge and a weak dish soap solution with COLD water. Be sure to use only cold water as heat encourages the oil and left over trichomes to stick even more, thus becoming harder to remove. DO NOT touch the wooden frame with alochol or an alcohol soaked cloth as this could melt off and/or damage the protective coating on the wood.