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We've stopped using English Oak!


With the seemingly continuous inflation of the cost of English Oak in comparison to other hardwoods, we've been forced to look at other options.

Over the years, we've been using traditional English Oak from the most sustainable source in the UK. However, with English Oak being such a slow growing tree to use for timber, it's upward trajectory in cost has surpassed most other hardwoods, making it impossible for us to continue with.

Because of this, we've switched to...


That's right, we're still using Oak! The only difference is it's not traditional English Oak. It is a faster growing, even more sustainable Oak that has all of the same qualities we all love with English Oak. Even the trained eye (in myself) will struggle to notice the difference when stood side-by-side, as it's still just as hard and carries the same stunning grains, colours and patterns as traditional English Oak. If anything, we've found it to be even more expressive with its grains and colours on display.

You'll be pleased to know that because of this, we are able to reduce the prices of our screens across the entire catalogue!

Same high quality, same results - only at a lower cost!

Join the #SkunkSiftersGang and Get Sifting!

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