Skunk Sifters Medium 6-Screen Bundle

Dimensions: 24" x 20" (610mm x 508mm)

Frame Height: 2" (50mm)

Measured in Microns, this bundle includes meshes: 250u, 165u, 149u, 75u, 90u & 45u

Anti-Static Brush & Anodized Aluminium Sifting Card included!


Solid Oak Frame (Hardwood) with traditional handcrafted finger joints

High Quality Monofilament Polyester Mesh

Skunk Sifters Micron Logo's branded onto each frame for easy identification

Made in Britain

RRP £433.87* BUNDLE PRICE £389.99!*

SAVE £43.88!

Take Dry Sifting to a cannasseurs' level with our Medium 6-Screen Bundle offer! We've taken all of our Screens and put together this fantastic bundle for you to take advantage of (for a limited time only).


With the help of Skunk Sifters Dry Sift Screens, kief/dry sift can be so much more than that green dusty stuff in the bottom compartment of your grinder... Imagine clean piles of gold separated into 6 respective trichome head sizes! And rivers of golden oil after pressing your returns for Rosin, if that's the route you choose to go.

****** Premium material is always recommended to use, after all, it is the "frost" that you're collecting! ******


Each frame is made from solid Oak (Hardwood), ensuring ultimate strength, durability and of course, exotic grains/patterns. With Oak wood being a natural product, it will vary in colour, texture and grain, and may contain knots. This variation is seen as a key feature of this material, which is used in many furniture products. This means that when receiving your Dank Sifters, a range of shades and grains within a colour may be apparent.

Quality is key for all areas, so rest assured we use only the highest of quality monofilament polyester mesh inside our frames. "Monofilament" has a simple meaning, but is absolutely crucial for Dry Sifting ultra high quality Sift. In other words, our screens are made by weaving single fibers of Polyester. This prevents any chance of having loose fibers clog up the mesh or potentially trap heads from being sifted through, as each line within the screen is only a single thread (fiber).

What's Included

Skunk Sifters 4-Screen Set

We've put together 4 different meshes in each set to give you an extremely high standard of quality dry sieving capabilities; 250u, 165u, 149u and 75u (measured in Microns). Converted to LPI (Lines Per Inch), these are 80, 100, 110 and 200 LPI. Even considering how close in size these two may seem, we have opted for a 165u screen above the 149u, as this screen will naturally collect the most/only contaminants of all of the screens as it is directly below the 250u "work screen". If done correctly, no contaminants should be present on the screens below this. With that being said, the 165u screen may actually yield the most more times than not, which is great to use as it is for edibles, or it can be cleaned to up to 99.9% pure golden perfection by utilizing our 75u screen for "Static-Tech".

Skunk Sifters 90u Screen

Usually sold separately, the Skunk Sifters 90u Medium Dry Sift Screen is also included in this 6-Screen bundle! Sift only Trichome heads below 90 Micron for the ”sweet spot” in refined Dry Sift. When used with our 6-Screen bundle, it will collect trichome heads from 90-148u (Micron), giving you an exceptionally high quality product and some of the most sought after heads (for most strains) by connoisseurs. Any trichomes that pass through the Screen will also be an outstandingly high standard of quality.

Skunk Sifters 45u Screen

Usually sold separately, the Skunk Sifters 45u Medium Dry Sift Screen is also included in this 6-Screen bundle! Sift only Trichome heads below 45 Micron for an extremely refined grade of Dry Sift. When used with our 6_Screen bundle, it will collect Trichome heads from 45-74u (Micron), leaving you with an unbelievably fine grade of Dry Sift. You can even use this screen to clean any piles of contaminated Sift you may already have by utilizing "Static-Tech" (explained further in our blog post "The Art of Dry Sifting/Sieving"). Achieve 99.9% purity with ease!

Skunk Sifters Matt Black Anodized Aluminium Sifting Card

Our Anodized Aluminium Sifting Card is the perfect tool for moving and scooping up wet or dry material.

Sticky, resinous bank/gift cards can be a thing of the past by ditching the plastic for our 0.8mm ultra thick Aluminium Sifting Card! These extremely durable cards can be used to collect dry material from our Screens or wet material from wash bags. They are strong and made to last as well as being very easy to clean.

Dimensions: 2" x 3.5"

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