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At Skunk Sifters HQ, we use only the highest quality food-grade Mono-filament Polyester mesh that’s specifically manufactured for precision work only. You can see macro’s of all of our meshes by swiping through the gallery below. Tap images to enlarge.

“Mono-filament” has a simple, yet extremely important meaning which is imperative in accomplishing those “full-melt” results we’re all striving for as Dry Sifters! The term “Mono-filament” means the mesh is constructed by weaving single fibres of Polyester into a meshed fabric, as opposed to having multiple fibres such as with rope or string. Having single fibres eliminates the chance of a loose fibre clogging up any holes within the mesh, potentially trapping Trichome heads and preventing them from passing through. Single fibres ensure a slick and smooth process.

250 Micron
165 Micron
149 Micron
90 Micron
75 Micron
45 Micron

With the rise of companies manufacturing Nylon Wash Bags (bubble hash bags) and Rosin Bags, it has led to the misconception that Nylon is a far superior material in comparison to Polyester, therefore it should be the choice of material regardless of its intended purpose. This isn’t true and would be ignoring the crucial differences between each respective purpose. The elastic properties of Nylon perfectly highlight how a material can be ideal for some things, but terrible for others. Whatever the intended purpose is; all properties of a material should be considered accordingly for that use.

There is no doubt that Nylon is the best material to use for Rosin Bags and Wash Bags, as its elastic properties are the reason why it’s the preferred choice. It needs to stretch to avoid breaking when beaten or under pressure!

However, under tension (as with Dry Sift Screens), it's the last material you should consider. Nylon will provide no accuracy when under tension, as it causes the mesh to stretch. This inevitably alters the natural shape and aperture of the screen, producing inconsistent results throughout. With inconsistency comes improperly sifted Trichomes; varying in size with no real accuracy of what the true micron range is.

To achieve absolute consistency with Dry Sift Screens, Polyester should always be used. Its lack of elasticity is an attribute that allows it to perform far better under tension, because its shape will NOT be affected. This almost guarantees the aperture of every hole is the same as the next! On the flip side, this is also why Polyester shouldn't be used for Rosin Bags or Wash Bags, as the same lack of elasticity will cause more blow outs under pressure and won't perform quite as well when beaten up in water - as opposed to a stretchy material such as Nylon.

So, please be mindful of the intended uses of each material, as this is extremely crucial (as with most things!).

In conclusion, don’t accidentally fool yourself into assuming that Nylon is the only material that should be used for hash, as other uses prove otherwise!

Did you know? Polyester is also recyclable and can even be plant based!

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